The Condition Of Things CANCELED

We are sorry to inform you that the event The Condition of Things is canceled! This is due to new restrictions on travel, conference, seminars and events related to the Cornona virus. We plan on and hope to host the workshop next year in 2021. Until then stay healthy.
All the best from the Seanse team.

Sign up at Seanse’s interdisciplinary art workshop at

The Literature House in Bergen; April 22-24, 2020!

Starts April 22th at 10 am – ends April 24th Friday at 16 pm.

The Condition of Things is a offer to all artists in all fields of art. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with practices and approaches across genres and expressions.
And not least, explore an exciting theme.

Is a work of art always an object? And how do artists in different art forms relate to the use of things and for example; pliers?

Social anthropologist Håkon Fyhn will give a philosophical introduction to the workshop. Come join this art practice with exciting and experienced international artists! The moderator of the workshop is Marit Ulvund, Center Director at Seanse.

Different understandings and practices exist for how objects are handled. A theatrical grip in theater is to transform an object’s meaning to a relation of a current context. Visual art is in a sense, in a special position because the art object is often preserved for posterity in a museum, gallery or private home. Music compositions such as sheet music and drama lyrics can also be preserved, but the concert and the theater performance are fleeting and are only experienced at the moment. A large part of contemporary theater and dance art performances are based on physical and visual expressions and are thus “objects” that can disappear in history. They can be documented through photo and film, but it can never be the same.

Everything that is dead quivers.
Not only the things of poetry, stars, moon, wood, flowers,
but even a white trouser button glittering
out of a puddle in the street…
Everything has a secret soul,
which is silent more often than it speaks.

(Painter Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944)

A common feature across the arts is that objects are “stolen” and given a new and different power. In figure theater and animated films, objects and characters are animated, they are “given life”. This is reminiscent of the child’s play, where both animation and object-stealing are used when exploring roles and actions. Children practice life in a concrete and emotional way. Children and adolescents as audiences are therefore often open to the ambiguity of objects in professional art.

To explore this theme the following artists will hold masterclasses

Andrés Galeano, Spania (visual art)
Johannes Bergmark, Sweden (music/perfomance)
Angie Hiesl, Tyskland (dance/visual art)
Rachel Warr, Storbritannia (puppetry/teater)
Karstein Solli, Norge (dance/performing arts)

We look forward to three days of innovative and genre-spanning work with eminent artists!

Participation fee is 900,- NOK – student price 400, – NOK

Binding enrollment due to limited space and lunch etc.

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Open to a larger audience:
Thursday April 23 from 19-21, the invited artists will give a short presentation of their own artistic work as well as share thoughts and ideas related to the theme. A golden opportunity to gain an insight into how renowned artists in different fields of art think.
Link to the open house event:

Questions? Contact Seanse’s producer Kristian Glomnes.

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