ITAC4 in New York

In 2012  Seanse Art Center was the organizer of the worlds first International Teaching Artist Conference in Oslo (ITAC1)! The conference became such a great success that some of the partners and delegates decided to make it a triannual conference.

Queensland University of Technology og Queensland Performing Arts Center hosted the second conference in 2014 (ITAC2), and Creative Scotland the third in 2016 (ITAC3). Through these conferences, Seanse Art Center has contributed in creating an exciting network of artists and art institutions throughout the world. What we all have in common is that we work with art in creative partnerships such as in kindergartens, in schools, in hospital, in prisons, in retirement homes and more. COMMUNITY ART!

Lincoln Center Education, Carnegie Hall and Dreamyard Art Center are hosting the upcoming conference. ITAC4, which will be a varied encounter with major artists, institutions and art programs in all art forms!

To learn more about the upcoming conference: ITAC4

For more information about previous ITAC-conferences follow the links below:

ITAC1 i Oslo 2012
ITAC2 i Brisbane i 2014
ITAC3 i Edinburgh 2016