Seanse Art Centers funding from Arts Council Norway near doubled!

Seanse Art Center was founded in 2004 and is a national production arena and meeting place for all types of art production. Since 2004 they have welcomed more than 190 art productions and 470 artists to
participate in their Artist in Residence program. Their mission is to enable children and youth to experience and express themselves through art.

The extended funding will allow Seanse Art Center to keep growing and continue the good work that they are known for. This means more artists will be given the opportunity to participate in their Artist in Residence programs, producing art for the national Cultural Schoolbag program and for other social institutions. Seanse Art Center will strenghten and prioritize art for toodlers and babies (0-6 years) as well through the Småkunstfestival, and continue their cooperation with national and international partners to exchange knowledge and research, participate in and organize conferences and workshops for artists and professionals.

Seanse Art Center is located at Volda University College and is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, Møre and Romsdal County, Volda University College and Arts Council Norway.

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