Open call for artist residency program in Volda, Norway

Will be announced in January 2020.

Eligibility: Program expects to host professional artists from various disciplines as performing art, dance, visual art, music, film, litterature and cultural heritage productions.

Seanse Art Center’s mission is to enable children and youth to experience and express themselves through art. They organize and support artists’ residences, seminars, workshops and conferences. They believe in an expanded and improved art practice in education, developing partnerships between artists, schools and kindergartens.  Seanse Art Center is located at Volda University College and is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, Møre and Romsdal County, Volda University College and Arts Council Norway.

Since 2004, Seanse Art Center has welcomed more than 200 art productions and 530 artists participating in their Artist in Residence program. Do you want to attend the Seanse Artist in Residence program in Volda to work with your art production?

They offer:
• Guidance of mentors with artistic and pedagogical competence
• Economic support for travel and stay
• A minor grant to cover some of your work hours during the stay
• Access to some equipment
• Room to work in available 24 hours a day

Projects in all stages of production, from idea to post-production, are welcome to apply.

The collaboration with Volda University College gives Seanse access to great artistic competence, as well as good venues for artistic work. They will arrange meetings with a test audiences when appropriate.

If you wish to learn about the Norwegian Cultural Schoolbag program you will find more information by following the link here: The Cutural Schoolbag

Questions? Contact Silje Grevsnes  (70075237)