Exciting start for 10 artists and five new art programs!

Five art programs are chosen to receive support, and will be working with a school class for the whole duration of the next academic year!

The following projects have been chosen:

  • JEG-VI with Mads Buer and Torill Solvang (theatre/3.grade)
  • DRAUM OM SPEL with Jon Tombre, Endre Volden and Mette Karlsvik (theatre/upper secondary school)
  • LINJER I ILABEKKEN with Gry Ulrichsen and Anne Helga Henning (visual art/biology/3.grade)
  • RØYNDOMEN with Are Pilskog (film/5-7.grade)
  • TRACES with Anne Sarah Loe and Helge Aarseth (visual art/architecture/upper secondary)

The intention behind Seanse’s Art Program 2015 is to develop knowledge and gain experiences from long-term art programs within a Norwegian context. Seanse defines an art program consisting of one or more Teaching Artists, a creative partnership and an art program. This is a pilot, where we will follow up and support the projects along the process, through a residency in Volda as well as gatherings for reflections where the five projects come together. The first gathering took place in Volda on the 11th and 12th of August, where all the projects were presented, and had talks with, and mentoring from, the employees at Seanse. We look forward to the continuation!