National Initiative: INK 2013

Place: Volda, Oslo, all over Norway

Seanse-led initiative to improve art for and with children with special needs.

Seanse Art Center was selected by the leaders of the Cultural Rucksack (the Norwegian national program to bring art productions to all Norwegian children in school) to lead a national initiative to improve art for and with children with special needs. Seanse found working with this extremely diverse group very rewarding. For more information about this project, please contact us.

Projects supported as part of INK 2013

The Garden

En artificial garden with components created by children and their adults as an installation and workshop. 


Anette Marandon and André Steenbuch Marandon


Colors and music come alive as children play with visual art in this music workshop.


Anita Jakobsen

A rock is part of the Earth

Does a billion year old rock have magic power?


Ann Marit Sæther and Solveig Nygaard

The Dove

Children are surrounded by the Medival in a room where the senses are stimulated in many different ways.


Ylva Sjaastad, Cathrine Bothner and Gro Siri Ognøy Johansen (Modus Ensemble)


A dance performance about a boy who do not find his place in daily life, with a young man with asberger’s syndrome in the lead role.


Stian Mørch with Silje Michaela Kvalheim.

A look at eachother

Who am I and who are you? Children portrait eachothers’ identities.


Thomas Winje Øijord and Gisle Haaland

In my head

Video portraits of youths with somewhat different stories.


Ida Bruusgard, Maria Lloyd and Arthur Johansen.


Performance and workshop give children the opportunity to experience motion in a new and imaginative way.


Ina Coll Kjølmoen and Venke Marie Sortland (Landing).