Art Programs 2015

Five teaching artist programs will be entering schools in the coming year as part of this Seanse-organized pilot.

The following projects have received funding from Seanse:

  • JEG-VI with Mads Buer and Torill Solvang (theater/3. grade)
  • DRAUM OM SPEL with Jon Tombre, Endre Volden and Mette Karlsvik (theater/high-school)
  • LINJER I ILABEKKEN with Gry Ulrichsen og Anne Helga Henning (visual art/biology/3. grade)
  • RØYNDOMEN with Are Pilskog (film/5-7. grade)
  • TRACES with Anne Sarah Loe and Helge Aarseth (visual art/architecture/high-school)

The goal of Seanse’s Art Programs 2015 is to develop knowledge and an experiential basis for long-term art programs in a Norwegian context. Seanse define art programs as composed of one or several teaching artists, a creative partnership and a comprehensive art programme. This is a pilot project wherein we will follow and support projects, among other things through an artist-residency at Seanse headquarters in Volda and several shorter meetings elsewhere to share experiences. The project’s first gathering was in Volda from the 10th to the 12th of August. Here, all projects were presented, meet and were mentored by Seanse staff.